Monday, June 7, 2010

Dollie Hair Exensions

I ordered my Dollie Hair Exensions!! I'm super excited to recieve them! I orderd them on Saturday so i will be recieving them in 1-4 bussines days. I got mines in dark brown because thats my natural hair color :)
About Dollie Extensions:
There clip in hair exenstions and affordable. They come in many different hair colors. There 100% real human hair. They come in two lengths: Standard 3.5 ounce clip in for $99 and free shipping in the US and Candada and 5.3 ounce clip for $135 which is the one i ordered :)

Before and After model on the site!

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  1. I'm really interested in these extensions, I've had my eye on them for months but never purchased. I'm just hesitant after never really having luck with extensions. How do you like them after you've had them awhile? And how do they hold up? My biggest problem with extensions was they'd look so shiny and perfect at first, then look ratty and stringy after a few uses. Please get back to me & let me know what you think about them :)