Friday, April 5, 2013

A pop of color & sandal heel haul

Hi everyone!
Just a few looks, Sorry I haven't posted in a while
college has been taken up most of my life one more
month to go till summer vacation. Whoohoo!
 Mint & Strips
High heel Sandals
Leather & Jeans &
Grey & Burgundy Booties
Hibachi my favorite Blue Hawaii
Royal Blue Blazer & Gold Cross
tank & Cheetah Booties
Whole Outfit: Forever 21
 New Babies ♥
 Ready for spring
Black & Tan
Lighten up my hair again at the salon!
So the damage is done to my hair its' a little  dry and it was so expensive and I'm not even as fully blonde as I wanted to be some I researched some organic products to naturally highlight my hair with, lemon juice is one, but use only pure lemon juice and chamomile herbal tea heat up the tea like normal and wait a few minutes before putting it on your hair after I shower I added these ingredients to my damp hair and stayed in the sun for about a hour and it highlighted my hair naturally, but different hair colors get different results. Blonde will get blonder. Brown will get reddish. 
New hair after I dyed it and
naturally highlighted it.
One of my favorite quotes for today :)

Thank you stopping by!
Have a great day! 


  1. nice!! ;))

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  2. Where are those heels from?! :)

    1. Rainbows girlfriend the one in new haven! :)

  3. This is your color!!! You look gorgeous with this haircolor! Perfect

  4. Hi Kristine I really enjoyed this post. The results of your hair came out amazing. You look gorgeous! keep up the nice work :)

    Miss Renaaye

    1. awh thanks love I really appreciate that<3 xoxo

    2. The shoes are literally amazing! I need some of them in my life.
      Love your blog!

      Love from H xx

  5. You have amazing style.Love your Looks :)

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  7. pretty heels:)X