Sunday, April 14, 2013


Hello everyone, Just some weekend looks I watch watched the Jackie Robinson movie  this weekend and it was amazing if you guys are into inspirational movie this one is defiantly the one to see! :)
A touch of color is all you need...
 Feeling very spring
F 21 Lime blouse & Aqua Clutch 
& White Jeans and my clear
pointy toe pumps my favorite
You can find these clear pumps on
Blue eyeliner for the summer
make brown eyes pop!
 Forever 21 Magenta Leggings &
Poka dot Crop top &
Cream Clutch & Nude Sandal
A Touch of Neon's
Movie Night :) 
Forever 21 Grey Blouse & Leather
Pants & Neon Pink Clutch & Neon
yellow Pointy pumps
Sometimes you can't please everyone
and not everyone is going to have nice things
 to say about you, but usually the people that are trying
to tear you down are not secure with themselves.
Always remember that. One of my favorite quotes thought
I share it with you guys!
 Have a great day!
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