Sunday, August 25, 2013

Black & White Strip Dresses

I have a little obsession with strip dresses :)
Just wanted to let you guys are awesome and I appreciate all the sweet comments.
Black & White  Strip Dresses...
A Pop Of Neon Yellow
Forever 21 Black & White Strip Dress with a pop of neon yellow pointy pumps
A Pop Of Mint
Forever 21 Turtle Neck Black & White Stripped Dress
& Mint Strappy Pointy Pumps
 Added a leather jacket for a finished look

A Pop Of Orange
Forever 21 Chunky Stripped Baby doll paired with strappy black pumps
Mirror Belt is old I bought it last year from eBay as well with the orange clutch
Girls Night Look...
A daring look
It's fun to try something new at least once in your lifetime I mean you
only live once so don't be afraid to go bold no matter how many heads turn
Whole Look is from Forever 21 of course you can tell it's my favorite store
Geek Crop paired with a leather jacket & burgundy leather skirt & clear pumps
 Forever 21 Tiger Dress paired with strappy black heels
I really love bold prints and this dress you can dress it causal and dressy.
Black on Black
H&M Dress paired with a leather hat & Converse
Gold Body Chain..
I ordered this Gold Body Chain from eBay it's actually really
thick and true to color for such a low price so I recommend this! You can
 even wear it under your crop tops :)
Thank you for stopping by!xoxo
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  1. Wow. Nice outfits :))

    Please check out my new post :)

  2. Replies
    1. Try their true to size :)

  3. I love how you wore the dress with a leather jacket.

  4. The girls night out outfit really suits you! I love the cute black geek crop top complimented with the maroony coloured skater skirt! Looks amazing :)


  5. you blog is so cutee love looking at your posts... check out my blog and let me know what you think :)))

    -xox Allie

  6. My favorite part of everything, the SHOES!! I Loved your blog! You can count on seeing me back here again (and often)!

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