Thursday, May 15, 2014

Exercise Tips

Hello Everyone,
So today I'm going to be talking about my weight loss journey.
My weight had always been up and down and pictures can hide
it well. So recently I joined the gym and started talking care of my
body better, eating right and exercising at least 30 minutes a day. Sometimes
I do find it hard with time because I am a full time college student and  I work.
I am always craving the wrong meals, but for some reason I been more motivated
then ever to get my body back into shape. So here are few tips that really helped me.
 How my body was before I wasn't exercising or eating well. I weighed about 135lbs. I use to exercise a lot last summer, but I fell off completely when college began. I feel like there is no shame on wanting to work on things that bother you and its always important to feel good in your own skin. Especially when your health could be in jeopardy.

 A month later of truly exercising and eating right.
I'm down to 125lbs and feeling great.
So here are my favorite works out that really helped me.
My favorite Workouts
Overall this arm work out worked wonders for my arms. Overhead triceps are my favorite
 they work out your arms and your back which is my favorite for summer.
Working your arms and buns and legs at the same time using a weight ball.
Donkey highs, Backwards leg extensions Squats to get firm booty and legs workouts
 that do not even require you to leave your home.  
The ab ball is one of my favorite go to workouts its so flexible for abs. 
I love that you can use the ab balls in so many different workouts.
Another favorite ab workout that I love.
 And running I express how running can change your life. Its great for your hearts and it
relives your stress, even if you can't get a run a short brisk can get the job down.  
Food Tips
Another important tip is your diet maintain good protein and separating yourself from bad carbs.
Choosing the right food is tough, but try to maintain a low sugar and low fat diet because eating a high dose of these fatty foods can lead to a very unhealthy diet and possible health risks.
I love drinking tea and green tea is my current obsession.
Drinking Tea will help your metabolism and immune
system also its good for your skin, hair and nails. 
Hope these tips inspire you to start a healthy and
fit life style that feels goods on the inside ♥

Kristine Ilynn

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  1. I came across your blog and just wanted to mention thank you for the tips. I am a fulltime worker and college student as well and am trying to follow a healthy lifestyle too. Recently I've been jucing at home and it's wonderful, cheaper than Jamba Juice and all natural!