Saturday, May 24, 2014

To Selena With Love Book Review-Selena Quantailla Perez

Last night I burned through the remaining 291 pages of the book To Selena With Love, by Chris Perez. Chris Perez gave his personal perspective on Selena's life. He gave us a side of Selena to her fans so that they knew that she was just like everyone else. The book was so great it was like a mini movie and the dialogue also was similar to the Selena movie. The book is an emotional roller coaster  and what I mean by that is you will experience all the emotions that Chris was feeling in the book. From his joy when Selena first started talking to him on the plane to pure love when they first said "I love you." I really appreciated the story of the real Selena's life, and not just for the amazing star she was. It was so special to read about how she and Chris fell in love and it was wonderful to learn more about Chris himself as well. We all know this story has a sad ending, but Chris Perez really honored Selena's life and her fans by sharing such a lovely book. I could remember when I was 7 years old the Selena movie just had came out and my mother put it on for me to watch. I was completely fell in love the music and her story. My mother was a fan herself she had all of the Selena tapes. I would listen to them so much they all broke eventually luckily today for CD's and iTunes. I still until this day listen to her music because there are not too many artist like her, she left her mark in music industry and she will always be remembered.
To Selena With Love By Chris Perez
Selena Quantailla Perez
Just some of my favorite photos of Selena

Kristine Ilynn

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