Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Mac Selena Collection

Hello Everyone,
I purchased the Mac Selena Collection on Thursday October 6th the day it was released in Mac stores. I was up at 7 a.m for this collection and super excited for it to launch. I have been waiting for the Mac Selena Collection for about a year now. I'm a huge fan of Selena so I was super inspired for this post. I took pictures of packing and I swatched the colors of lipsticks. I created some looks that were similar to hers. Hope you enjoy!

First is Dreaming of you a matte finish, second Como la Flor a amplified finish and last Amor Prohibido a glaze finish. (Photo is taken with flash)

I love that the set was inspired by her songs xoxo
Lipstick order in photo: Mac Selena Amor Prohibido, Como la Flor, and Dreaming of you.
The Selena Mac Lipsticks were all 18 dollars, the Bronzer/blush set called Techno Cumbia was 29 dollars. I spent about 100 dollars because I purchased an extra Como la Flor. The Bronzer/Blush Techno Cumbia duo set is amazing and very pigmented. The collection that I bought was worth itand also because it's limited edition. The lipsticks are amazing and very true to the colors she would wear.

The Whole Collection at Mac 
 Me waiting first in line wearing purple one of Selena favorite colors xoxo

Wearing the Selena color Dreaming of you Lipstick without flash

Wearing the Selena color Dreaming of you Lipstick with flash 
Wearing Como la Flor Lipstick xoxo
Extra photos of Como la Flor Lipstick xoxo

Wearing Amor Prohibido Lipstick xoxo

Hope you guys enjoyed and found this post helpful :)

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