Thursday, June 15, 2017

Shein Giveaway

Fruit Vs. Tropical Print

Below are the rules to get prizes:
1). Detail Link

2). Follow @SHEIN/@sheinofficial

3). Register with SHEIN and send your registered email address as well as social profile to

4).  For Fruit Fans: Upload a photo of your fave FRUIT dishes or your Fruit print attire or anything regarding FRUITS on your social networks.
For Tropical Print Fans: Upload a photo of your TROPICAL print clothes or TROPICAL
print look or anything regarding TROPCAL print on your social networks.
5.) Add #sheinfruitfan (If you choose to stand fruit team) #sheintropicfan(If you choose to stand tropical team). Also, don’t forget to add #sheinevent and tag @sheinofficial/@SHEIN in your captions as well.

1st prize: $100                 3 winners
2nd prize: $50                  10 winners
3rd prize: Free Clothes        20 winners
4th prize: 200 Bonus Points    30 winners

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