Sunday, January 28, 2018

My Small Wig Collection

I've always wanted to try wigs especially when your having a bad hair day. I damaged my hair in the past with bleaching and dying. So I decided to buy some blonde wigs to change my style up. I'm getting a little obsessed with wigs right now. I do eventually want to find more realistic wigs, but I'm on budget and these amazon wigs work for me right now. 

The only thing I can say about this wig is it synthetic and the hair parting is a little off, but for the prices its not a bad wig its only $19.99 and its about 11 inches.

Next Wig 
This wig has a lot of hair its 24 inches synthenic  dark rooted lace frontal for about $38.88 kind of pricey for a synthenic wig. It didi have a lot of hair I did have to cut it. 

My over all experience with the wigs they are fun to change up your look however, I'm on the hunt for more realistic wigs with  a natural parting. 

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